On the way! (Op weg!)

Make (re)integration successful

  • Complete diagnostic toolkit
  • Determines the starting position
  • Objective and practical
  • In multiple languages
  • Flexible: offers a lot of customization
  • Price: € 50.25 per candidate


On the way! supports the inflow, throughflow and outflow of benefit recipients by providing insight into:

  • the (starting) position of candidate
  • distance to the labor market
  • strengths and areas for development
  • possible obstacles
  • chance of finding work
  • what support is needed

Can be used for the entire benefit population at municipalities, e.g.:

  • new registrants
  • old registrants
  • status holders - integratio

Watch introductory video On the way! (1 minute, Dutch language)


The instrument has been developed for municipal institutions to use in the inflow, through and outflow of benefit recipients. The On the way! instrument group can be specifically targeted at certain groups.

With On the way! an objective assessment can be made of the distance to the labor market, possible obstacles, the chance of finding work and what support or follow-up process is useful.

On the way! is an online instrument that offers a lot of customization depending on the target group and research question and has automated reporting. Management reports can also be generated with information about, among other things, the composition of the population, employability and comparisons with previous periods.

On the way! - Benefit Recipients is available in Dutch and English. Furthermore, a number of (ability) tests are available in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.

On the way! - Integration is available in Dutch, English, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Tigrinya, Ukrainian and Russian.

There is an animated video for candidates that explains how to complete the test.

Video Explanation for candidates On the way! (Dutch)

On the way! is a flexible instrument and provides concrete tools to consultants and candidates on their way to work, training or/and participation. In short: on the road to success!

For more information contact Nadia Kaniuk or Edwin van den Akker, 020-5040800 or mail info@noa-vu.nl.

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drs Nadia Kaniuk

Medior consultant, NIP registered psychologist

020 - 50 40 800
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drs Edwin v.d. Akker

Senior consultant, NIP registered psychologist

020 - 50 40 800

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