The NOA Foundation

The NOA Foundation is the major shareholder in NOA BV. It aims to develop instruments and methods to help people with different cultural backgrounds to integrate quicker into Dutch society and find an appropriate education and/or employment.

The NOA Foundation finances:

  • the chair of 'Work and Personnel Psychology in particular aimed at immigrant ethnic groups' at the Social & Organizational Psychology department of the Free University Amsterdam
  • PhD studies
  • development of psychological instruments and methods for people with different cultural backgrounds
  • research projects

The board of the NOA foundation consists of:

  • Prof. Dr. Marise Born (chairman)
  • Prof. Drl. Henk van der Flier (treasurer)
  • Dr. Janneke Oostrom (secretary)
  • Prof. Dr. Nico Bleichrodt
  • Prof. Dr. Pieter Drenth
  • Drs. Gerlof Sijtsma
  • Dr. Rutger Kappe

For more information about the foundation contact Remko van den Berg, +31 20 5040800 or

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