To better know what a cognitive ability test is, we provide you with information on this page, and you can practice with a number of example exercises. This is useful if you have to make such a test yourself, for example for a selection procedure or a study choice or career research.

A cognitive ability test mostly consists of different tests. These tests measure various things, such as spatial awareness, arithmetical ability, language ability and speed. Different tests are chosen depending on the reason the test is being made. Based on the test, something can be said about the level at which you could, for example, do a course or fulfil a work position. Your scores are then compared against a group of people with an MBO or HBO education level.

Some tests consist of figures, some of Dutch words or mathematical sums. Each test has a time limit which differs per test. Most people don't manage to complete all the questions within the given time.


There are different ways to practice:

Practice the cognitive ability test (medium level) (the MCT-M test) - for people with an vocational education diploma (VMBO/MBO).
These practice exercises are available in the following languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya and Russian.

Practice the cognitive ability test (higher level) (the MCT-H test) - For people with an educational level higher than HAVO (university level).
These practice exercises are available in the following languages: English and Dutch

An example of a practice question (here you have to choose the figure that does not match the other four figures):

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