Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to the questions most frequently asked by candidates who have to complete a test. These answers apply to most test administrations. If you have received other instructions from your organisation (for example, about taking a break during the test), then you must of course follow the instructions from your organisation and not what it says below. If the answer to your question is not listed here, you can contact the organisation that asked you to take the test.


What does NOA do with my personal information?

We store your personal data together with your test results. These are combined so that a report of your test results can be created. That report, and your test results, are only available to you and to the organisation that asked you to take the test. NOA also asks for personal data so that NOA can conduct research. In this way we can investigate whether our tests are fair and comparable for people of different ages, educational levels and ethnic origin. We also research, for example, which personal traits predict success in work or study. Click here for more information about our privacy policy.


How do I log in?

First check which link you need to log in to. You will have received this link with your login details. This should be something like"organisationname ". Check if there are no extra spaces before or after your username / password. These count as characters and may prevent you from logging in. If you are still unable to log in after this, please contact the person who gave you your login details.


Can I prepare or practice for the tests?

It is not necessary to prepare for a test. Every test has clear instructions and sometimes a number of practice exercises. If you like, you can read more about the different tests here. For the Cognitive Ability tests (MCT-M and MCT-H) there are practice exercises to help you prepare for the test. There is also an app available (Android only) with practice exercises and examples of the capacity tests. Search the Google Play Store for "NOA app". When taking the Cognitive Ability test, you will also receive clear instructions and practice exercises for each section.


Can I stop and continute later with the test?

It is possible to stop in between the tests and continue later. Do not stop during a (timed) test. It is better to finish that part first and then stop (click on stop at the bottom right of the screen). To continue, you can log in with the same login details and continue where you left off.


Can I take a break during the test?

We recommend that you do not take a break during a test. Between the tests you can take a break by logging out (click at the bottom right of the screen on stop). You can then log in again later with the same login details to continue where you left off.


What should I do if the test freezes and I can’t continue?

A test freezing can have various causes, such as your internet connection breaking. Don't worry, all your answers are constantly saved after each question. If you were busy with a timed test when the test crashed, the timer will not carry onand you will automatically be compensated for any delay. You won’t lose any time. To continue with the test, log in with the same login details and click on "resume test". If you are unable to log in again or unable to continue, please contact the organisation that asked you to take the test.

If you have to complete a capacity test, there are a few practice exercises in advance for each part. You must answer these practice questions correctly to continue. If you cannot continue here, it does not mean that the test has crashed, but that you have not entered the correct answer. Have a good look at the instruction and examples, and try again.


In which browser should I complete the test?

NOA supports the most recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari. It is not recommended to use an old version of a browser to complete your test. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.


I have completed a test, what now?

For questions about the next steps after you have completed a test, you need contact the organisation that asked you to take the test. NOA has no information on this, because this differs per organization.


I haven’t received a report

Not receiving a report can have various causes. Firstly, you should contact the organisation that asked you to take the test to see if you should have received a report. It is also possible that the organisation wants to first discuss the test with you before giving you the report.

If you should have received a report, check whether the report may have ended up in your spam inbox. If that is not the case, please contact the organisation that asked you to take the test. This organisation can resend the report to you. For security reasons NOA cannot send the report to you because NOA cannot verify your identity.


I can’t open the report

If you have received a report in an e-mail, then this report is a PDF file. To open the file you need an Adobe Acrobat program, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).


What is a norm group and why am I being compared with it?

A norm group is a comparison group with which your score is compared. The report states which norm group you have been compared with. This comparison group consists of candidates who have taken the same test. Norm groups are adjusted based on age, gender and / or education level of the candidates. In this way your results are compared against a representative group and it becomes possible to say say how you score compared to other candidates of the same gender, age etc.


I have a question about my test results

If you have completed a test at NOA and have a question about the test, the test results or what happens to your test results, please contact the organization that asked you to take the test. For security and privacy reasons, NOA cannot provide you with any further information about your test results because NOA cannot verify your identity.


I want my (test)data to be deleted

If you want to have your (test) data deleted, you must first contact the organisation that asked you to take the test. This organisation can submit a request to NOA to delete your (test) data. Because NOA cannot verify your identity, we only accept requests to delete data from the organisation that asked you to take the test.

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