Privacy and personal data

What does NOA do?

NOA is a psychological consultancy firm. We develop psychological tests that you can take online. We also provide assessments and trainin and conduct scientific research into topics surrounding work and study.

What is personal data?

Personal data is data about you. For example your name, date of birth, your student number or your personnel number. Your BSN (social security number), your passport photo, your medical details, your bank account number and your IP address are also examples of personal data.

Which rules does NOA use to protect my personal data?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or AVG) contains rules that deal with the protection of personal data. We adhere to those rules. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) makes sure that Dutch organizations comply with this law.

Which personal data does NOA use?

NOA uses personal data such as your name and email address. NOA also asks for your date of birth and your level of education. These types are considered normal personal data. NOA also asks, for example, in which country you were born and in which country your parents were born. These types are so-called 'special personal data'.

What does NOA do with my personal data?

NOA stores your personal data. We also store the results of any psychological tests you take through NOA. Your personal data and your test results will be linked to each other so that we can use this information to create a report containing your test results. That report and your test results are only provided to you and to the organization that asked you to take the psychological test. NOA asks for special personal data because NOA wants to investigate whether the test results of people with different ages, educational levels and ethnic origin are comparable. We may also use your personal data and the test results to compare your results with the results of others. For example, we investigate which personal characteristics predict success in work or study.

I have taken an assessment at NOA. What does NOA do with the assessment report?

The assessment psychologist will discuss the results with you and send you the draft report. We will only forward your assessment report to the client if you have given us written permission for this. Providing verbal permission is not enough.

I do not want to give any personal data to NOA but I do want to take a psychological test.

Unfortunately that is not possible. Psychological tests from NOA are tailored to your personal situation. Only then can your test results be properly understood.

My personal data outside NOA

NOA passes your personal data only to the organization that asked you to take the psychological test or tests and to yourself.

Does NOA use my personal data for commercial purposes?

We do not sell your personal data to other organizations or companies.

Will NOA use my personal data for commercial purposes in the future?

We will also not sell your personal data to other organizations or companies in the future.

Does NOA use cookies?

On the website we use three types of cookies: social media cookies, analytical cookies and functional cookies. On our website you can read which cookies we use and why. If you do not want to receive cookies from, you can set this up in your browser. We also use cookies on our test platform Some psychological tests must be made within a certain time. We use cookies to check if you have enough time to make such a test. We also use cookies, for example, to ensure that users can resume the test normally after a possible malfunction. If you do not want to receive cookies from, you can set this up in your browser. However, this can influence the operation of NOA Online in such a way that it negatively effects your test experience.

How long does NOA store my personal data?

Results of psychological tests remain valid for an average of two years. We therefore store your personal data and your test results for a maximum of two years. We have agreed with certain clients to destroy personal data earlier.

What happens after two years?

After two years we will destroy your personal data. Your test results can therefore no longer be linked to you. We keep the disconnected test results for research purposes so we can carry on improving our tests.

What rights do I have over my stored personal data?

  • you have the right to view your personal data at NOA
  • you have the right to have your personal data corrected at NOA
  • you have the right to have your personal data deleted at NOA

Do you want to view, correct or delete your personal data? Then contact the organization for which you took the test.

In case of fraud and abuse

In case of (suspicion of) fraud or abuse of our online platform, NOA can pass on personal data to the police and judicial authorities. This may include personal data such as name, date of birth and IP address.


NOA does its utmost to secure your personal data. NOA uses modern means for this and works together with external experts in this area. We have taken measures against the loss of your personal data.


All NOA employees are trained in the correct use of personal data. They also signed a confidentiality agreement. They handle the data you give to NOA carefully. Your personal data will only be processed by employees who have permission to do so.

What does NOA do if something goes wrong in the protection of my personal data?

We do everything to prevent that. If something goes wrong, we will inform the Dutch Personal Data Authority immediately. If necessary, we will also inform you.

I would like additional information about the protection of personal data at NOA

That is possible. You can contact NOA at telephone number 020 - 50 40 800 or at We will respond to your question or comment within five working days.

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