Diversity competencies

The NOA Diversity Competencies Training gives you tools to deal effectively with people who have a background other than yourself in a variety of professional situations. These can be other cultural backgrounds, but also differences in socio-economic background, age or orientation. 

After the training, the participants will have insight into, among other things:

  • The backgrounds and basic principles of diversity competencies
  • Their own strengths and development points within the diversity competencies.

After the training, the participants gained skills in:

  • Recognizing situations in which diversity plays a role
  • Applying diversity competencies.

Why NOA Training diversity competencies?

  • Expert and experienced trainers (Psychologist NIP)
  • Recognisable and practice-oriented case studies
  • Room for customization
  • Challenging learning climate with attention to individual learning objectives
  • Combinations possible with Intake / CGI training, Intervision and coaching on the job

Practical information

Target group: intakers, SLB staff, selection officer, HR, teachers and other employees in education, business or in municipalities.

Number of participants: maximum 8 participants in an in-company training group and a maximum of 5 participants in open registration

For more information:

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drs Anja Rosner

Medior consultant, NIP registered psychologist

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