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NOA Talent Portal is a new online platform that allows for easy digital administration of tests and questionnaires. Additionally, NOA Talent Portal offers many possibilities and flexibility in setting up the entire process around intake, selection, recruitment, or guidance.

Processes (NEW)

Because NOA Talent Portal makes it possible to organize matters related to test administration via the platform, we refer to them as ‘processes’. NOA Talent Portal supports the entire process of test administration and offers a lot of flexibility in setting up this process. For example, tasks that are still often done manually (on paper and digitally) can be automated via the platform. Think of sharing documents with candidates, asking candidates to upload a CV and motivation letter, sharing information such as promotional videos with candidates, requesting permission from candidates to view results, evaluating candidates with evaluation questionnaires, requesting additional information from candidates, etc.

Tasks (NEW)

A process consists of tasks, and for setting up your process, you can choose from different tasks, tasks that must be performed by a candidate, but also tasks for you as an administrator. For a candidate, the tasks are:

  • Fill in personal details
  • Upload a document (such as a CV or motivation letter)
  • Read information (text, documents, videos, etc.)
  • Take tests or questionnaires
  • View/download results (report)
  • Give permission to share results with the client

For a user/administrator, the following tasks are available:

  • View and evaluate the candidate’s document
  • Fill in the candidate’s details
  • View the candidate’s result
  • Evaluate the candidate

Email tasks can also be added to the process so that emails can be sent automatically at certain times. Tasks can be conditional (for example, depending on a test result), made mandatory or optional, and a start date and/or deadline can be chosen.

Candidate Environment (NEW)

New is that the candidate now has their own environment. From here, the candidate can start tasks and view their results or reports."

Taken overzicht - Talent Portal

Welkom persoonlijkheidstest

Administrators environment

In our new platform, administrators have access to a clear and concise environment from where they can easily manage their processes and candidates.

New feature: Candidate evaluation

NOA Talent Portal now offers the ability to evaluate candidates. This means that an administrator or evaluator can fill out a questionnaire about a candidate, for example, to evaluate a candidate’s competencies in a selection interview.

Improved test administration

In addition to a modern look, various improvements have been made to the test administration, such as automatically moving on to the next question after answering a question. Filling out a test is now much more intuitive for a candidate, and everything has been done to make the sometimes lengthy questionnaires more visually appealing.

It is now also possible to create so-called adaptive tests, which can significantly shorten the test duration.

In addition, many other changes have been made to the tests and reports. For more information, see Test Innovations.

For an example of the new design of our reports, see Example report.


NOA Talent Portal is available on different devices. In addition to a desktop and laptop, a tablet or smartphone can also be used. Tests can now also be taken on a phone screen, although this is less desirable for some tests, such as the capacity test. If in doubt, you can always contact us.

Interessetest op mobiel                  Interessetest op desktop

Example processes

Intake and guidance process MBO:

Candidate views information about the education in the NOA Talent portal and then fills in the MBO Startmeter (at the start of the school year) > candidate receives an email notification at the beginning of the second half of the school year that the Study Progress Meter is ready to be filled in > candidate can compare the results of the Startmeter with the Study Progress Meter > conversation with supervisor about progress.

Vacancy selection process:

Candidate views company promotional video > candidate reads company conditions and agrees > candidate fills in personal details > candidate uploads CV and motivation letter > recruiter/selector evaluates CV and motivation letter and indicates whether candidate is accepted or not > a capacity test and personality questionnaire is offered to the selected candidates > candidate views own result > candidate gives permission for the client to view the results > organization decides on inviting candidate for interview > selectors fill in competence assessment after interview > decision on hiring candidate."

Main differences between NOA Online and NOA Talent Portal

NOA Talent Portal is a responsive platform that can be used on tablets and smartphones, whereas NOA Online is not. In NOA Talent Portal, the test administration is more intuitive and stimulating, and the candidate has their own environment from where they can start tasks and view their results or reports. In addition to classic tests, NOA Talent Portal also offers adaptive tests. Another difference is that in NOA Talent Portal, it is possible to evaluate candidates, whereas in NOA Online, it is not. The security of NOA Talent Portal is very good, with database separation being one of the features. In NOA Talent Portal, the structure is company > process group > process, whereas in NOA Online, it is company > project. There are specific roles and rights for administrators in NOA Talent Portal, whereas in NOA Online, there are not. In NOA Talent Portal, a single administrator can manage multiple companies/departments/educations, whereas in NOA Online, an administrator can only manage one company. In NOA Talent Portal, the processes can be customized by the administrator, whereas in NOA Online, the project cannot be modified or created by the administrator. There are many more possibilities to personalize the candidate environment in NOA Talent Portal than just adding a company logo.

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