Test innovations

With the introduction of NOA Talent Portal, a large number of innovations have been made to our tests.

Improvements candidate experience

The test environment has been made more attractive by using colors and supporting pictures/figures. In many tests, the next question is displayed immediately after answering, so the candidate does not have to click as much.

Test instructions

The instructions for almost all tests have been shortened and/or simplified and clarified with pictures/icons. The reason for this innovation is that candidates often did not read the long instructions (completely) and started the test directly, which caused problems earlier.


Almost all tests can now also be taken on a mobile device. For the capacity test, it is still recommended to take the test on a desktop or tablet.

Changes per test

Changes have been made to the following tests.

  • The subtest/scale names of the MCT-M and MCT-H capacity tests have been simplified, and some poorly functioning items have been replaced.
  • The adaptive capacity test (MCT-A) will be available in the Talent Portal from early 2024.
  • A new shorter personality test (MP-B6) has been developed based on the existing personality test (MPT-BS). Many new scales and questions have been developed for this purpose.
  • A shorter version of the existing value questionnaire (WVL) has been developed. The values that overlapped too much with personality traits have been removed.
  • The questions in the DIT-M Domain Interest Test for Secondary Education are now supported by appropriate pictures.
  • The questions in the BKT-M Vocational Aptitude Test for Secondary Education are now supported by appropriate pictures.

Candidate reports

The candidate reports for all tests have been adjusted. It turned out that the reports were experienced as too long, too boring, too language-based and sometimes complex. The language used was also not always clear enough.

The new candidate reports for the individual tests all have a similar styling and design: with a (colorful) figural overview of the results on the first page and a shorter explanation, supporting images and possibly links to additional information. The language used is based on B1 level.

For an example see: Example report.(in Dutch)

To avoid confusion with (school) figures, the figures for the stanines have been omitted.

The reports are concluded with a concluding text.

The choice for the formal and informal form of the reports has been maintained.

The advisor reports have largely remained the same in terms of content, except for styling.

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