Cognitive Ability Test (MCT-M)


The purpose of the Multicultural Cognitive Ability Test - Medium Level (MCT-M) is to measure cognitive abilities, taking into account both aptitude factors and acquired factors.
The MCT-M is intended for people aged around 15 years with a level of education from a few years of secondary education to completed MBO.

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The MCT-M consists of eight subtests. These subtests measure four factors: logical reasoning & spatial insight, numerical skills, verbal skills and perceptual speed.
In the MCT-M report, the results can also be displayed in an IQ score to determine a general intelligence level.

Logical reasoning & spatial insight
Logical reasoning is about the extent to which a candidate is able to discover logical relationships between images and if a candidate is able to orient himself spatially.
Numeric abilities
Here we look at the ability to calculate and the ability to reason with numbers.
Verbal abilities
Here the focus is on the knowledge of the meaning of words and the ability to see logical relations between words.
Perceptual speed
The ability to distinguish differences quickly and accurately is measured.


The MCT-M is suitable for people without a migration background as well as for people with a migration background. During development, attempts have been made to limit dependence on culturally determined skills as much as possible. Among other things, a number of tests have been included with meaningless figures and letter and number series. The instruction of the MCT has also been amended in terms of language use. In addition, a language test is available that can be taken before taking the MCT. Standard sample exercises are available for candidates to be able to practice at home prior to the test.
In order to be able to compare candidates with people with a certain educational level, various representative norm groups are available by educational level. Standard groups for candidates with a migration background are also available. The language level is such that even low-language people can take the test.


Both an online and a paper-pencil version of the MCT-M is available. The online version is included in NOA-Online, the internet environment of NOA. Expert reports can also be generated with this system. In these expert reports the measuring pretensions of the subtests are explained and the scores are shown in words and in a graph.
NOA requires training in which you learn to apply and interpret the MCT. This is to guarantee the quality of the test use and careful feedback. In addition to the MCT-M, NOA also issues other tests and questionnaires. 

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