Employability Scan

Get employees moving!

Broad employability is very desirable in a time determined by consistent change. With the Employability scan you can obtain a clear overview of how employable your employees are.

The Employability scan gives, in less that 15 minutes, an insight into how prepared a person is to move within the organisation. The results of the scan form a good starting point for self reflection and/or conversations about (career) progression.

The employability scan is special because:

  • the attention paid to external influence, such as the nature of the work and support received from within the work and private environment.
  • the attention for practical employability, such as the willingness of an employee to follow a course or work at various locations.

For more information please contact Edwin van den Akker, +3120-5040800, or send an e-mail to info@noa-vu.nl

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drs Edwin v.d. Akker

Senior consultant, NIP registered psychologist

020 - 50 40 800

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