Focused tests and reports for use in HR

NOA has developed a special portal for the HR sector: the HR Toolkit. The instruments and reports within this portal are aimed at the inflow, throughflow and outflow of (future) employees.

HR specialists, managers, advisers and employees can get started immediately with the HR Toolkit. Background knowledge of the instruments is not necessary

NOA also offers various Trainingen.

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A short test that results in a personal SWOT analysis focused on development and employability.

Development, Through flow

15 minutes

Talent & Teamscan

A test focused on competence development and team behavior.

Development, Through flow

40 minutes

Career scan*

An extensive test with an analysis of motivations, interests, competences and personality with a link to vacancies and training.

Development, Through flow, Outflow

75 minutes

Leadership scan

This scan has two variants: one for leadership potential and one for leadership development. Measures, among other things, leadership style.

Inflow, Through flow

40 minutes

Personality scan

A personality test with a translation into strong, weak and developable competencies.

Inflow, Development, Through flow

20 minutes

Cognitive ability scan*

A cognitive ability test used to create an analysis of the general working and thinking level and the various aspects thereof.

Inflow, Through flow

100 minutes

* These tests are available in two variants: lower / intermediate level and higher level.

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