Premaster assessment

  • Quick and objective picture of qualities
  • Stimulates self-selection and a conscious choice of study
  • Increases study success and reduces study dropout
  • The right student in the right place
  • Price: from €10 per student

Students with a applied higher education (HBO in Dutch) bachelor diploma who which to progress onto a university master's study have to follow a premaster year. To assess whether these students meet the requirement for a university master, a study programme can use a premaster assessment.

The assessment can be used as a selection intrument, but also to provide advice about the feasibility of a university master and for study guidance during the master.

The assessment measures the following factors:

Category Measuring instrument
Cognitive factors - Cognitive ability test
- Scientific case
Motivation and learning styles - Motivation and learning styles questionnaire
- Scientific case
Supporting knowledge and skills - English text understanding
- Maths/statistics tests

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dr Corine Sonke

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