English Text Comprehension

The purpose of this test is to measure English text comprehension and reading skills. The measured test level is the final HAVO/VWO level.

This test is designed to determine whether the candidate has sufficient text comprehension and reading skills in the English language.

The test level is end HAVO/VWO level. This mainly concerns English reading skills and text comprehension: being able to read and understand English books and articles.

The test consists of several texts in the English language, about which a number of multiple-choice questions are asked. The questions relate to factual or implied information that can be extracted from the texts.

The target group

The English Text Comprehension test is suitable for men and women from approximately 17 years of age. The test can be used, among other things, to determine whether candidates have sufficient English language knowledge to follow an academic course.

For more information please contact Edwin van den Akker, +3120-5040800 or send an e-mail to info@noa-vu.nl.

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