Study choice check

How do I improve the match between student and study programme?

  • Every student in the right place
  • Quick and objective picture of preconditions motivation, educational and professional picture
  • Choice of assessment content and reporting format possible
  • Price: from € 22 per student

Study choice check: improving the influx of students

In education, it is becoming increasingly important that the student chooses the right education. Both for the student and for the educational institution it becomes increasingly expensive when a wrong choice is made.

This involves, on the one hand, a good connection with the student's prior education, but on the other hand it also requires also a good choice process, in which personal characteristics of the student are very important.

NOA has developed various study choice checks and intake or matching instruments, which can be used to improve the inflow and through flow of students. Several colleges and universities use these instruments with all their starting students.

These instruments can be deployed quickly on a large scale, are of good quality, yet are cheap and can easily be adapted to the wishes of the educational institution.


dr Corine Sonke

Senior consultant, NIP registered psychologist

020 - 50 40 800

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