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NEW: Test training about the use of tests within vocational education (Dutch: MBO) now also open for individual registration!

Click here for the open registration training dates.

The NOA test training for vocational education advances your expertise within administering, interpreting and communicating NOA test results. You will develop the basic skills required for adminstrating the tests, interpretating the results and for conducting professional discussions based on these results. The backgound and practical applications of the tests within vocational education are also discussed. Hereby, you learn to use the tests optimally.

Participation in the NOA test training is sometimes mandatory for users of NOA test instruments, depending on your experience and background.

Would you like to know more about the open registration or in company test training in vocational education? 

Please contact Anja Rosner or Leandro Vieira, both advisors/psychologists NIP: 020-5040800

For more information:

Anja Website

drs Anja Rosner

Medior consultant, NIP registered psychologist

020 - 50 40 800
Foto Leandro

drs Leandro Vieira

Medior consultant, NIP registered psychologist

020 - 50 40 800

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