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Hoe does digital supervision of your test, often called proctoring, work? This video shows you more information about making a test under digital supervision. There is also a brochure for candidates available with more information. You can find this brochure at the bottom of this page.

Preperation - What do you need:

Laptop or Desktop   To make the test under digital supervision you need a Chrome plugin which only works with a laptop or desktop (so not with a tablet or a telephone)     
Google Chrome  

Noone wants to have to install unnecessary software on their computer, that's why the proctoring platform is as light as possible. The only requirement is that you have the free browser Google Chrome installed, with the proctoring screen sharing plugin. You need to use the most recent version of Chrome, so make sure your Chrome is updated.

 ID with photo   We need to be able to identify you before you can start on the test. You can use a passport, ID card, driving license or student card. As long as your name and photo is clearly visible. Make sure that unnecessary personal information, such as a social security number is hidden.      
 Smartphone   You need to download our app to your phone (ProctorExam - 34 MB). The app is compatible with:
  • Android 4.1 or higher
  • iOS (Apple) 8.0 or higher
You can find your phone's software version number in the settings menu on your phone.
Stable internet connection   A stable internet connection is required (wifi is needed to stream from your phone) with a minimal upload speed of 1Mb/second.     
Disable adblockers   If candidates use adblockers in their Google Chrome browser then they need to disable these whilst using the proctoring software.    

Before the start - Before you start with the test make sure that:

The room is well lit   You need to be clearly visible    
You are alone   You need to be the only person making the test. If someone else is in the room then that is considered as a serious offence.     
Your cameras are successfully set up   Both your webcam and telephone camera need to show you and your room clearly.     

Test taking - During the test:

No other devices   You are not allowed to use any other devices, such as a second screen or tablet. There is one exception:
- If a smartphone is required for the camera, then this is of course allowed.


No headphones   We need to be able to hear what you hear in order to clarify your test as a valid test.     
Don't talk   

Every sound will be analysed to rule out potentially suspicious behavior, so make sure you are in a quiet room and that you are not talking.

Don't go to the toilet  

During the test you have to stay visible in the cameras, so you cannot go to the toilet during the test.

Make sure you go to the toilet before you start the test!


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