NOA has many clients in healthcare, partly due to the importance we attach to diversity and scientific research and of course the quality of our instruments. In addition, we find that our culture fits well with many healthcare institutions.

The healthcare sector has a very tight labor market. Recruiting and retaining employees is particularly difficult. Add to that the increased workload and the increased assertiveness of patients and family members, and it can be said that there is a major challenge in keeping existing employees satisfied, retaining them, and offering development opportunities. Shortages are particularly high among caregivers and nurses.

NOA supports many healthcare organizations in the selection and development of employees.

For example, we help with the selection for the Verzorgende IG, Verpleegkunde BOL-BBL (MBO), and HBO-Verpleegkunde courses. Do the candidate’s motivation, personality, and abilities match the desired position, department, and organization?

But even in the regular selection of caregivers and nurses, our instruments help to minimize the chance of dropout as much as possible. We also ensure an objective and structured selection process and train selectors, if desired, to conduct selection interviews as well and fairly as possible.

In addition, we have various instruments aimed at side entry, employability, and employee development. For example, we have developed an employability scan specifically aimed at healthcare workers.

Finally, we have carried out various projects in which we have developed customized instruments in collaboration with gz institutions. An example of this is a competency test that measures the risk awareness of employees in a ggz institution.

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