High schools and universitys can nowadays select students for study programmes with a quota (a predetermined amount of first year students they can admit).

Selection is all about realizing the best possible match between the a student's talents and the specific requirements set by a study programme. NOA assessments are increasingly being used in these admission questions. Selection also stimulates self-selection and a conscious choice of study. By selection, prospective students have to make a more informed choice at an earlier stage of the selection process.

Relatively speaking, the Netherlands has a small amount of experience with early selection of students. It is very important that this selection is as fair and objective as possible. Psychological tests, such as cognitive ability tests, motivation tests en personality tests, are fully standardised and have a high predictive value.

When determining the selection criteria, consideration should be given to the abilities, competences and characteristics that the study programme requires from the student. Currently, various educational institutions have asked NOA to develop a selection assessment and / or to improve and professionalize their current selection procedure. Together with the educational institution, the study programme requirements are assessed. After that, a selection assessment is compiled, which in most cases consists of parts of NOA's digital assessment instruments.

Ultimately, a success score is calculated for each student based on the selection assessment results. Based on this score, NOA can draw up an individual ranking that can be used by DUO for admission.

NOA also supports universities with the Colloquium doctum regulation. This regulation is for students who are older than 21 years old and do not meet the formal admission requirements. 

Finally, NOA also offers premaster assessments for the admission of students with an Applied Higher Education diploma who wish to follow a university masters programme. 

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