21 (+) plus test

When students are older than 21 and haven't got the correct diploma, they can sometimes take a 21 plus (21+) exam for Applied Higher Education (HBO in Dutch) or colloquium doctum (University). NOA supports educational institutions by offering a digital 21 plus exam, saving the educational institute a lot of work.

In most cases the NOA cognitive ability test (MCT-H) is used, combined with a subject specific test (for example maths, economics etc.).

These subject specific deficiency exams are developed by teachers within the educational intitution and NOA together.

NOA then builds these exams into NOA online and uses an item pool, meaning that the exam content can differ per test moment. Using this ite pool saves a lot of development work for the study programme. Whereas normally new tests had to be made each year, this now only needs to happen every few years.

Through using NOA Online, the logistics of administering the 21+ exam become simpler; the correct tests are shown to the candidate depending on their chosen study programme. It's also possible to send simple invitations to complete the exam with login information, reports can be generated to show the result of the 21+ test and management reports can also be created.

The costs for the 21+ exam are also heavily reduced by using NOA Online.

If you are participant for the 21+ admission test, please contact the study programme contact person, or the educational institution for more information.

If you are from an educational institute and would like more information about the 21+ test then please contact Corine Sonke, 020-5040800 or send an e-mail to info@noa-vu.nl.


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