StartMeter MBO

The Startmeter MBO is an online instrument for students from the 3rd grade of VMBO. The goal of the Startmeter MBO is a better placement and the prevention of study dropout.

The Startmeter helps with job orientation and measures for example interestsmotivationcompetencespersonality en learning styles. The tests clearly shows if a student has the correct attributes for a study program and also looks at the student's personal situation. An insight into these factors helps with a founded (re) orientation of the student. This test is very suitable for intake within vocational education. Experience ha shown that students find it very useful to fill in the StartMeter and that they recognise themselves in the results of the test. Click here for an extensive brochurAlso now available: the StartMeter Newcomers for vocational education. Intended for newcomers, such as refugees / status holders, with no or very little Dutch language proficiency. The StartMeter-N is available in Dutch, English, Arabic, Persian and Tigrinya.

For more information please contact Anja Rosner or Leandro Vieira, 020-5040800 or send an e-mail to

The intake test of NOA: the beginning of a successful study career and guidance!

The Startmeter is an online tool, specially developed for secondary vocational education. The Startmeter consists of a composition of scientifically substantiated tests that help with professional orientation and a successful study course. Characteristics of the student, such as interest, motivation, competencies, personality, environmental factors and possibly capacities, are examined in the StartMeter.

Goal Startmeter

  • Supporting instrument at the intake
  • Better placement of students
  • Appropriate guidance
  • Increase study success and prevent dropouts
  • Accessible results for supervisors, students and parents
  • Insight into strengths and development points

Efficient and tailor-made

  • A complete picture of the student in a short time
  • Flexible in the composition of test parts
  • Clear and simple reports
  • Efficient working method through link with student information system
  • Customization to house style possible
  • Results at a glance in the risk profile for intakers

Scientifically based and effective

  • NOA is a psychological consultancy that originated from the VU University in Amsterdam
  • Specialized in scientifically validated tests and questionnaires for study and work
  • Culture fair test use
  • Relation StartMeter with study success and dropout scientifically investigated
  • Research into study success and dropout possible

For more information please contact Anja Rosner, 020-5040800 or send an e-mail to

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