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Despite the high level of education sometimes achieved within the country of origin, refugees and other newcomers often have difficulty with integrating within Dutch society and with finding a suitable job or education. The StartMeter-Newcomers is specifically developed for the inflow of newcomers within vocational education (Dutch: MBO). The StartMeter-N(ewcomers) helps to provide an overview of the education, work experience, language level and the possible opportunities and obstacles when entering vocational education. This instrument helps with placing newcomers and also helps prevent study drop out.

The Startmeter-N is a combination of tests which measures different aspects: capacitiespersonality the image a student has of an educational program, interests, the study situation, the level of self-reliance, obstacles (among which possibly trauma), Dutch language level (English language level is also possible) and competences.

The Startmeter-N is an online instrument and results in a generated report. It gives the supervisor a clear image of the newcomer so that a suitable traject within education, language, coaching, or healthcare can be offered. The report is for easy to interpret for educational employees, coaches, students and their parents/carers.

The Startmeter-N is available in different languages: Dutch, English, Arabic, Tigrinya and Farsi.

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