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Study progress assessment

Early signalingThe aim of the Study Progress assessment is early identification of problems with study progress. Hereby, better mentoring and guidance is possible and failure can be prevented. The student is helped faster and the education programme saves time and money!

The study progress assessment is meant for first year Applied Higher Education students (HBO in Dutch) and/or University students and can be completed online at home by the student.

The study progress assessment can be adjusted to suit your wish, but mostly includes the following instruments:

  • Study Aspects Scan (SAS)
  • Study Drives questionnaire (SDV)
  • Study background characteristics questionnaire

En meet de volgende aspecten:

  • study bond and social support (such as contact with fellow students and teachers),
  • study attitude (such as ambition),
  • study satisfaction (such as pleasure and interest in the study),
  • study skills (such as planning and ability to concentrate),
  • study well-being (such as study stress),
  • study drives (what drives the student?),
  • background questions (such as how much time the student spends on the study, work and hobbies)
  • any already achieved study points.

The results of this study progress assessment also provide very useful management information. NOA has several management rapportages available.

For more contact please contact Indra Newton, 020-5040800 or send an e-mail to

Below you can find an example of a report for a student.