In 2010, at the ID College (now: MBO Rijnland), the need arose to facilitate (prospective) students in their study choice by using an online tool that consisted of various tests. One intended to prevent, among other things, school dropout. The online tool that we have developed for mboRijnland is named "StartMeter". The StartMeter is specifically tailored to mboRijnland and measures, among other things, job choice, personality, motivation and competences. The instrument has been adapted over the years to changing wishes and is now being used by all students who register at the mboRijnland. The report provides both the student and the study career counselor with objective information and concrete guidelines when choosing a study. The link between our online platform and the student tracking system at mboRijnland has led to a relief in the administrative burden and a more efficient registration process.

Our roleNOA has advised on the content of the instrument and on the administrative and legal aspects of the instrument in the registration process. In addition, NOA has trained the experts within mboRijnland in the application and use of the StartMeter. NOA is also responsible for the online test taking and the reports for students and management.

Our added valueNOA has a long-term cooperative relationship with mboRijnland. We will continue to adapt the content of the instrument to changing wishes and insights and will continue to work on further administrative simplification in the future.

The resultWith the StartMeter, mboRijnland has an intake tool that informs in an objective manner and determines which programme is most suitable for a specific student. As a result, mboRijnland is able to lead new and existing students more quickly to a suitable study programme at a level which matches the person in question.

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