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NOA offers assessments. An assessment is a standardized psychological study that provides insights into a person's skills and psychological characteristics. Sometimes this psychological examination takes the form of an online assessment, which means that you will receive login details with which you can take one or more online tests from home. In other cases, the assessment is not online, and you will be invited to NOA for an interview, role-playing and/or taking online tests. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about assessments.

What is the purpose of an (online) assessment?

An (online) assessment provides objective information about your skills and psychological characteristics. The client may have various reasons for having you do this assessment. The client often wants to assess whether a study or job is a good fit for you. But a client may also be interested in your obstacles and development opportunities for a particular study or job.

What exactly is measured with the test(s) that I have to do?

That is very different. Some psychological tests measure your skills such as intellectual abilities (measured by the MCT-M or the MCT-H) or a variety of competencies (measured by the Competency Test). Other psychological tests measure your traits related to your personality (such as the MPT-BS), values ​​(such as the WVL), or interests (such as the BKT-M or the BKT-H). More information can be found here.

How can I prepare for an assessment?

Online assessments

Before the online assessment, it is good to check what kind of tests and questions you can expect. If you have to do the intellectual capacity test (MCT-M or MCT-H), it is wise to have looked at the example and practice exercises. You can find the example and practice exercises on this page. In addition, we advise you to be well rested for taking this test. There is no real need to prepare for tests that do not rely on intellectual capacity. You can take a look at this page to see what such tests look like.

Assessments at NOA

An assessment on location often consists of several parts. Usually it is a combination of psychological tests, an interview and a role play. However, the interpretation of this differs per candidate. An assessment often takes half a day or almost a whole day, so it is very intensive. So make sure you are equipped. You can also practice with sample questions from tests such as those described above. Tips for the assessment interview and role play can be found below.

What is a role play and how do I prepare for it?

In a role play you have to show how you deal with a practical situation. Prior to a role play you will receive a document with a situation description in which you have a certain role. Then during the role play you have to show how you fulfill this role in a conversation with another person. This person is acting his or her assigned role. An assessment psychologist is present to observe you. The assessment psychologist assesses (the effectiveness of) your behavior in the simulated practical situation. He or she pays particular attention to your social and communication skills.

Before the start of the role play, you will be given time to study the practical situation and your role. Before the assessment day you do not yet know what the situation is about. A specific preparation for a role play is therefore not possible. It is recommended that you try to relax before role-playing, so that you can react calmly and well.

What does an assessment interview look like, and how do I prepare for it?

An assessment psychologist will conduct an interview with you to gain more insight into your competencies and experience and your suitability for a particular position. Sometimes the purpose of the interview is not to determine whether you are suitable for a position, but to discover where there are opportunities for development. An assessment interview usually takes about an hour.

Before the interview, carefully consider what your experience, competencies and motivations are and how you can best describe them. You may want to prepare for the interview by practicing with a friend or family member.

Other questions and answers about assessments

Where do I have to go for an assessment of NOA?

NOA assessments are usually held at our office. Click here for directions.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Make sure you look good for an assessment.

Do I have to bring something?

Basically you don't need to bring anything. However, it is often useful to have a copy of your curriculum vitae with you for the interview. If you have other documents that may be useful during the interview, you can also bring these with you.

Do I have to take care of my lunch myself?

If the assessment takes a day, lunch will be provided for you by NOA. If you wish, you can also have lunch at a lunchroom that is within walking distance of NOA (own expense).

What do I need at home for an online assessment?

All you need is a computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection. The page for starting the online assessment works on different internet browsers, but we advise you to use Chrome or Edge. Filling in questionnaires is also possible via a tablet or smartphone, but we do not recommend this because the design on these devices may differ. We especially advise against taking the cognitive ability test (MCT-M or MCT-H) via a tablet or smartphone. Finally, we advise you to take the online assessment in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. If there are any friends or relatives in the house, let them know about your online assessment.

Are my data and test results safe, and what happens to them?

NOA handles your data and test results very carefully. Your data and test results are stored securely. We apply the legislation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More information about the protection of and handling of your data and test results and our privacy statement can be found here.

Where can I go if I have questions about my assessment results?

Your test results are worked out in a report in which your scores are explained. For some assessments, you will have a meeting with an NOA adviser in which the results will be discussed. With others this is not the case and you can contact the organization that asked you to take the assessment if you have any questions. In most cases, they can help you with your question. If this is not the case, the organization can contact NOA.

Where can I go for other questions?

For other questions, you can contact the NOA information line, which can be reached via telephone number 020 – 5040800. You can also fill in the form at Contact or send an email to the email address Your question will then be handled by the secretariat or by one of our advisers.


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