Municipality of The Hague

In 2015, the municipality of The Hague felt the need to set up a better intake procedure for benefit recipients. Until then, the intake was based on a meeting with a consultant. Based on the intake interview, it was decided which follow-up program the candidate would take. The Municipality realized that this was not always done objectively and that the recording of the data was not optimal. The Municipality had been using NOA instruments at the employers' service point for years, and when NOA indicated that they had developed a Personal Profile Scan (PPS) for benefit recipients, the Municipality was immediately interested. After a pilot with a young target group, the PPS is used since 2016 for all benefit recipients.

Our roleNOA advised on the implementation process, took care of the training of the consultants, the PPS focuses exactly on the question of the municipality and NOA is responsible for the online test taking and the assessment reports for the candidates and management.

Our added valueNOA has a long-term cooperative relationship with the Municipality of The Hague in which questions are promptly and quickly responded to and much customization is provided.

The resultThe Municipality of The Hague has an objective and well-founded intake procedure for all of their benefit recipients, enabling them to be assessed faster and better. As a result, she is able to use the resources available to her, such as training and counseling to work, more effectively so that the number of benefit recipients can be limited.