Person Profile Scan - Refugees

Quick objective pictureThe Personal Profile Scan for Refugees (PPS-V) helps to map the education, work experience, language level and possible opportunities and obstacles of status holders / refugees when entering the Dutch labor market.

The PPS-V provides an overview of education, work experience, self-reliance, impeding factors (including possible traumatization), job search behavior, Dutch and English language level, learning ability, personality and competencies of a refugee.

The PPS-V is an online tool and results in an automated report, with which the coach or reintegration employee can form a first image on the basis of which the refugee can be offered an appropriate follow-up program. These follow-up programs can be in the direction of language, care, education or work.

Five languagesThe PPS-V is available in five languages: Dutch, English, Arabic, Farsi and Tigrinya.

Management info

Management reports can also be generated with information about, among other things, the composition of the population, possible obstacles and comparisons with earlier periods.

Managementrapportage  Managementrapportage

For more information please contact Frans van der Pluijm or Edwin van den Akker, 020-5040800 or send an e-mail to

Below you can find an example of a report.